Thirty days to World Maker Faire 2012. Today we launch a countdown with sneak peeks at some of the projects that will make this year’s event the most outrageous, inspiring and educational Maker Faire yet. Follow the SciSpotlight all September to see what we have planned for you at World Maker Faire on September 29-30.

We kick off with a look at World’s Fair 2.0, a game that time-travels you into the past—and the future. Using an iPhone, you’ll go on a virtual scavenger hunt in and around NYSCI to answer the question: How did the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs shape Queens’ geography and its collectively imagined future?

Maker Faire attendees will be the first to get a chance to try out the game. World’s Fair 2.0 is a co-production of People’s Production House and REV- and will be officially unveiled as part of ReGeneration, a new NYSCI exhibition opening October 27. ReGeneration challenges visitors to think about our communities and imagine how they might be more sustainable and more livable. In the case of World’s Fair 2.0, the game explores continuities between the Utopian vision of World’s Fairs past and the visions we have today for our cities of the future. 

Check back tomorrow to find out which icons of Maker Faire Bay Area will make their NYC debut this year…

HEHE I can’t wait for Maker Faire okaay

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