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One of my head canon I have for Mystrade is that sometimes (or probably most of the times) they’d bring work to home. But they don’t mind because they both understand each other’s terrible schedule. They’d make tea, make themselves comfortable on their couch and spend their evening working. It’s not really romantic but they certainly are glad that they can do this with each other. 


i learned more from instagram memes than i ever did in school

if you were wondering what this screenshot is about…its a metaphor

hoodied hooligans :D


"The Big Wave" by Dominique Antony


For sale: hand knitted gryffindor scarf.

It is pure wool, incredibly soft. It’s roughly 1.5 metres. The yellow is a bit more golden and the red a bit deeper (I blame shitty lighting)

And it can me yours for $25 + postage (generally about $15)

Message me if you’re interested!

help my friend out!!!